LASER WHITE face sunblock cream

It is a medical cream that protects the skin from the harmful sun (UVA-UVB) rays, that works to enhance the elasticity of the skin with collagen, and also helps in lightening the skin. It is a water resistant and non-sticky.

  1. Vitamin-B3 (Niacinamide): is rich in anti-oxidants so it helps boost collagen production in the skin and improve skin elasticity, resisting wrinkles and fine lines, which helps build cells destroyed by sunlight, and helps lighten and brighten of the skin.
  2.   Hammamlis Virginiana: It is an anti-inflammatory agent that has the ability to relieve irritation of sensitive skin, and contains anti-oxidants to protect the skin from harmful free radical reactions that damage skin cells. 
  3.  Titanium dioxide: It is a basic physical filter to protect against harmful sun (UVA-UVB) rays, balancing the skin tone according to the sun's rays falling on it, to absorb sun's rays.
  4.   (Vitamin-E (Tecophery Acetate) An anti-oxidant that protects the skin from skin cell damage, and helps moisturize and smooth of the skin. 
  5.  Collagen helps prevent and protect the skin from harmful sunlight, which leads to the prevention of premature skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

What are the active ingredients in Laser white face sunblock CREAM?

    After washing and cleaning the skin an appropriately, sunscreen cream apply to the face palms or any part of the body twenty (20) minutes before exposure to the sun rays.

    Notes: for normal to dry skin !

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